20 February, 2017

President's Day Off!

Today was a nice, contented day. Courtney and I worked in the morning, but by 1pm we were off!

First stop - the Cuban sandwich place (The Floridian) for a great lunch with the kids. Then we headed  to our favorite "unplug" place, Pass-a-Grille Beach. What an afternoon - the water was so calm and smooth (a bit on the chilly side but I even went in up to my waist) and the sun was just right for relaxing under. As the afternoon went on, you could see the wind start to pick up and the waves begin to roll in.
Here is Courtney's view as he watched Chayton out in the water. 
We stopped at Spiro's on the way home and picked up some Greek inspired desserts (great little place - I'd like to come back and look at their market and wine area a little more). Finally back at home for dinner and dessert at the big table on the back deck (sweet potato carrot lentil soup, bratwurst, carrot salad and crusty bread). Desserts ranged from cannoli S to rice pudding to baklava cheesecake. Yum!

Finished off with a walk with Blue and some other work around the house. Definitely a good day.

04 February, 2017

Thank you, Obama & the Women's March St. Pete

Catching up! The weekend after MLK Jr day, was just as busy.

It began on Friday with a "Thank You, Obama" party at the U and moved into the Women's March on Saturday.

The party gave everyone a great opportunity to take a look back on all things that had happened these last few years. But also to charge us with answering the question "What I will do in 2017 to make change ... " Whatever your beliefs - now is the time to speak up and take action.