29 November, 2005

A women of incredible strength and beauty........

On December 31st Melissa and I will celebrate 10 amazing years together. Ten years that has been built on joy, strength, belief in one another and most importantly unconditional love for each other. We have been so lucky to be able to spend time with family and friends during this time and celebrate in their joys. Our family has also grown with the blessing of Kaija in our lives. Marrying Melissa and becoming a father will forever be the greatest joys in my life.

It is through these numerous joys that we garner strength to get us through the many challenges we face, especially the one that we, and more specifically Melissa is going through with her Grandmother. Melissa's Grandmother, known as Omi, has a long road of recovery ahead and with that many uncertainties. Omi has always been a pillar of strength for our family and has an extra special place in Melissa's heart. She has been there for Melissa in so many ways over the years, never enough Thank You's could be said.

Melissa, I can't tell you how much I love you, and your strength, grace and tenderness is an inspiration to me. I love you. Courtney

Omi's off the ventilator!

The ventilator was taken out this morning - Omi is breathing by herself with an oxygen mask on. She has to really concentrate on it, but she's doing it. One more tube/wire/machine gone! She still has a temp - everything is coming back normal, so she's thrown everyone for a loop on what is causing her infection. Omi also gets a break from the dialysis today - but will have it again tomorrow. Mom and I put up some pictures for her to see today - it made her really happy! Omi can't speak yet - but she lets us know what she means by using her eyes and eyebrows.

Note from Kaija



27 November, 2005

Good News!

Hi everyone,

I have some good news - Omi opened her eyes yesterday!! And today she even was slightly nodding her head at us. Soon they might even take out her ventilator tube. I know she will be happy for that.

Love to all!

25 November, 2005

Friday Update

Omi's heart surgery went fine - the doctor even said it went better than he expected. But, yesterday she started having some problems with her kidneys. The doctors tried to use medicine to help, but today she is starting dialysis. We hope that this will be a temporary thing, but it all depends on what happens right now. She still has fluid in her lungs, and that is another worry at this point.

On a brighter note - Kaija had a great time yesterday for her birthday. She woke up and had a party with breakfast with Nana and Mommy. Then we went over to Aunt Dee and Uncle Greg's house and had another party and got to eat her birthday cake. Right now, she is sitting at the other computer in the waiting room playing a game on Sesame Street.

Until later - love to all!

23 November, 2005

Kaija's 4!

Can you believe it - Kaija is turning 4 tomorrow (Thanksgiving Day).

Even though we had to postpone her big birthday party at home, we're going to have a party down in Florida to celebrate. She's so excited. I'm going to have to leave the hospital soon to go pick up her birthday cake. Tell you more tomorrow.


Update from Florida

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are all in the waiting room right now (Kaija, Nana, Uncle Greg, Aunt Dee) waiting for Omi's heart surgery to be completed. The big stuff is done - 2 bypasses, replaced the aortic valve and fixed the other leaky valve. They are winding up the surgery and hopefully soon we will see her in the recovery room.

Thanks to Auntie Alisa for sending me this blog site today! The waiting room is empty and I've got the computer all to myself.

Kaija is being so great - I just keep moving her from waiting room to waiting room - have crayons will travel. We did take a break yesterday and went to the hands-on museum yesterday. She had a lot of fun and got a lot of attention from Nana and Mommy.

I hope soon to be able to send you some good news. Thank you for all of your thoughts, love and prayers. Please keep them coming!!

Be Well & Love to All!

Melissa & Kaija