23 November, 2005

Update from Florida

Hi Everyone,

Well, we are all in the waiting room right now (Kaija, Nana, Uncle Greg, Aunt Dee) waiting for Omi's heart surgery to be completed. The big stuff is done - 2 bypasses, replaced the aortic valve and fixed the other leaky valve. They are winding up the surgery and hopefully soon we will see her in the recovery room.

Thanks to Auntie Alisa for sending me this blog site today! The waiting room is empty and I've got the computer all to myself.

Kaija is being so great - I just keep moving her from waiting room to waiting room - have crayons will travel. We did take a break yesterday and went to the hands-on museum yesterday. She had a lot of fun and got a lot of attention from Nana and Mommy.

I hope soon to be able to send you some good news. Thank you for all of your thoughts, love and prayers. Please keep them coming!!

Be Well & Love to All!

Melissa & Kaija

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  1. What a strong person you are, Melissa, to be able to keep everything together and be so calm. We admire and love you! We hope it gets better from here on out.