04 December, 2005

Another Birthday Party!

Kaija's third of four birthday party for turning "4" was last night. She is so happy to have "the same number of parties as I am," the change in plans had no affect on her whatsover! First was her party with Nana and Mommy when she woke up on Nove. 24, then was the party at Uncle Greg and Aunt Dee's house, then the next one will be with her class sometime this coming week.

She had a choice of making cupcakes or going out for ice cream - and she picked making cupcakes. We all had fun with that one. She is such the little baker! Of course pink icing and sprinkles on top.

Her pride and joy are her two new Care Bears - Rainbow Bear and Shunshine Bear, aka Cheer Bear and Funshine Bear - and her princess stroller from Omi. She even took one of the bears (in the stroller) to the grocery store today - pushed it around the whole store all by herself, and only ran over my feet a few times, but no one elses. She got Cheer Bear on her birthday from Nana and Mommy and then Daddy gave her Funshine Bear at the airport on Friday. She takes them everyone. Put it this way - Cheer Bear had to be washed today, she was already dirty.

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