04 December, 2005

Omi Update

Well, as can see by the blob of updates I've posted this evening - I haven't posted things for a while. For one, I didn't have access to a computer, for the other, I wasn't in the mood to do it.

On November 29, we had some good news - Omi was off the vent while we were visiting her. Later that afternoon, they decided to move Omi back to Bayfront hospital (her surgery was done at All Childrens Hospital but her hospital is Bayfront - they just contract to use their surgical wards and equipment). The move upset her, plus the fact that she was put back on the vent. To say it upset her is pretty mild - it upset her ALOT (and me to see how she was feeling.) Once they moved us all back over to Bayfront, I lost access to a computer while at the hospital.

The next day, November 30, her heart kept doing "irregular patterns" so she had to be put on some new medincine for that and her blood pressure which kept going down to low. We didn't get to visit with her that much. When we did visit, she wasn't responsive at all - neither to us or to the nurses/doctors. By Friday, December 1, she was pretty much sleeping the whole time. Since Kaija and I had to fly back to NJ, we didn't get to see her. Mom and Aunt Dee visited her, tho.

But, Mom called me on Saturday, December 2 and told me good news! Omi had her eyes open, was very responsive, was doing the commands of the nurses and doctors - AND she was breathing 95% on her own, only assited by the vent! Tonight when I called to check in, she had a few good hours today on breathing completly on her own, but tonight they were going to let her rest and have the vent do the mandatory breathing for her.

Whew. We were warned that it would be up and down, good days and bad days. If the past few days are any sample of what will be going on - it's going to be an emotional roller coster for all of us.

Thank you, everyone, for all your prayers and love. Please keep them coming. This is going to be a long recovery period - first Omi has to make it out of ICU into a regular room, then she has to get to Rehab, then finally back home. Each one of these steps could take weeks or months with many small steps along the way.

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