03 January, 2006

New Year's Eve 2005

What a great New Year's Eve!

The Vural & Allen Families descended on the Rossi Family's house for appetizers, dinner, conversations and friends. Once we were sufficiently stuffed, and the menorah was lit, it was on to the real excitement of the evening at First Night Montclair.

The girls (Isabella, Ilayda and Kaija) had been waiting all evening for this: meeting Dora the Explorer!

You should have heard Isabella and Ilayda when they first spotted Dora, I imagine it's what the girls did when they first saw Elvis walk onto the stage.

Unfortunately, a larger-than-life-size Dora is a bit much to take in when you're around 3 feet tall. (Think her head is big on TV? It's REALLY big in person.) But that soon faded, and everyone was talking to Diego, Dora and tickling Boots the monkey.

After the Dora frenzy was over, we took a brisk walk over to the UU Montclair Church and let the girls run around the front lawn. A few unexpected snow angels later (Ilayda first, then Bella), we were off to the Tom Chapin concert. The girls managed to keep most of their clothes on - but found the "mosh" pit and had fun dancing and acting crazy. (Okay, so only the tights/socks and shoes came off.) Evan and Okan even had fun here - dancing and playing.

After another brisk walk back to the mini-vans (yes, two of the families have succumbed) and quite a few snowballs thrown, it was back to the Rossi's for more food, wine and our “unofficial” count-down at 11pm. It's amazing how you always have lots of room for dessert fondue.

To good friends & good times!

May we all be blessed with a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

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