14 January, 2006

Our First Visit!

Saturday, January 14

We spent 4 wonderful hours with Nazariah today.

More to come later (off to go Ice Skating at Aireane's Birthday Party!), but wanted to let you know we had a great time together.

Sunday, January 15

Okay, we can catch our breaths today. We had a great visit yesterday!

Nazariah (pronounced Nazera) walked in an was immediatly comfortable and playing with us. Kaija took an hour or so to warm up (her usual new person check-out time). But soon we were all were playing, coloring, dressing up, and dancing together.

We did a couple of crafts, so that both Nazariah and Kaija had something to remember from our visit. And of course took pictures.

Nazariah really like to watch the picture show that is on our computer's screen saver - and she was a little surprised when her picture started to show up. I printed out a few pictures for Nazariah to take to home with her and Kaija has one hung up next to her drawing table.

Kaija got tired towards the end, we've been busy the last few days and doing a lot of swimming, so she wanted to lay down. (By the way, she can do a cannon ball by herself into the deep end - and "doggel paddle.")

Nazariah was still raring to go - quite the pistol of energy. The stairs were a major attraction in our house. Come to find out that her foster family doesn't have stairs. So up and down, up and down, up and down. Courtney and I got a lot of exercise yesterday, too!

Both girls are definitly Divas - but show it in different ways.

Nazariah already didn't want to leave - and we are all looking forward to January 28 when we'll get together again.

I'll be in Florida next weekend, so that's why we have to wait a little longer. Our next visit will be all day, we're thinking we'll go on an outing.

Check out the posting below for more info on our Adoption Journey.

Love to all & be well!

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  1. It's so cool to see you all together. It makes me cry how happy you look, and thinking of all the happiness to come. You are really an amazing family!