01 February, 2006

Coming This Week . . .

It's off on a whirl-wind now.

Yesterday (Tue, Jan. 31) we had our second visit with Nazariah. The visit went great! I was still experiencing the after-affects of some sort of virus I caught on Mon, thank goodness for over-the-counter drugs. But with the medicine and a lot of caffine I was able to keep up with everyone - Courtney didn't loose a step!

We tried to do "normal" stuff this time, so we went out to lunch at Baja Fresh, then popped over to Cosco and the office supply store (why do one thing when you can multi-task and get many things done at the same time?), then we went back home. The girls got along well, talked and sang in the car, then played when we got home. There were many trips to the bathroom at Baja Fresh - of course one at a time.

In some ways, they are already starting to look out for each other. Nazariah is already calling us Mommy, Daddy and sister. Tho classic Kaija - this was before we told her Nazariah was staying and was only her new friend - "I don't want her to call me sister." But now she is quite happy to be called a big sister!

So what's next? Tomorrow (Thu, Feb. 2) Nazariah will come and spend the night through Fri, Feb. 3. Then on Sat, Feb 4, she'll be back and stay through until Mon, Feb 6. Next step, we wait until Thu, Feb. 9 and Nazariah comes back to our house for "placement." In other words, she's here forever!

Last night and tonight Kaija has been helping turn the guest room into Nazariah's room. Even bringing in some of her books and other toys to share. Kaija brought pictures to school today to show everyone; "This is Nazariah, and Daddy, and Kaija, and this is Harmony Bear," (that's her favorite CareBear). Everyone is so excited!

Be well!

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  1. WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! I can't tell you how happy I am for you all. What a beautiful and dynamic family! I can hardly wait to meet your new daughter!