10 March, 2006

Florida Trip

Last weekend, we were able to go down to Florida - what a pleasure to experience some nice weather!

The girls got to see Omi in St. Petersburg (Omi and Nazeriah fell in love with each other!) and Uncle Greg and Aunt Dee.

The girls even went swimming. It was still way too cold for me, though Courtney got in with them!

Then it was off to Jacksonville.

We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa and the girls loved their new bunk beds.

Kaija got the top and Nazeriah the bottom. "Because I'm the big sister, Nazeriah."

We had fun at a new a playground with Grandma - the girls even made a few new friends there. Then it was off to the library next door to meet up with Grandpa for lunch.

That Monday night was Courtney's big award dinner - yeah Courtney! Then early Tuesday morning we were off to Tampa to catch our flight back to NJ.

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