27 June, 2006

First Day of Camp

Can you belive it - Summer Camp has already started! Yesterday was the girl's first day at camp. Nazeriah is a "Rubber Ducky" at Mini Camp; Kaija is riding the bus to Camp Deeny Riback. Oh my!

Nazeriah is loving camp - she is with all of her friends Ilyada, Halle, Lilly-Ann, and Rita. Plus a few new ones. And, yes, the Rubber Duckies go swimming every day. I watched her yesterday and she is putting her head under the water like a pro!

Kaija took her first bus ride by herself yesterday - Camp Deeny Riback (CDR) is about a 25 minute trip from the JCC, where she catches the bus with best bud Isabella.

They were both so excited yesterday! Today, Kaija was a little more nervous, since Bella is now on vacation for the rest of the week. But once the bus doors opened, she flew up the steps to get a seat, then waved and blew kisses at me through the window. How cute!

Baby Picture of No. 3

Graduation Day

Kaija graduated from the 4-year old preschool at the JCC. Wow. Is she growing ever so fast. All the 4-year-old classes put on a presentation for the parents in the theater. Each class sang 2 songs, then they all sang 4-5 songs together. It was really neat to watch.

Of course, Kaija is standing next to her buds Marly & Miki.

And of course, once she saw that I was taking pictures, wouldn't smile. Oh well. The Diva didn't have a photog event scheduled for that time.

Our Flower Girls

Our two girls were flower girls in Joe & Rachel's wedding - they were so cute!

Of course, Courtney was the hansomest man there - sorry Joe- as the best man.

All I had to do was sit and watch! :-) And try to get three girls down the aisle at the right time!

During the rehersal, Nazeriah and Kaija wouldn't walk down the aisle. But after dinner, Courtney took the girls and they practiced about a gazzilion times. The next day, all three girls did great!

During the reception, Kaija and Chloe stayed on the dance floor almost the entire time. In fact, at one point, Kaija yelled at me from the dance floor "Mommy, come here and dance with me!"

Kaija and her new friend - Chole. I hope they are going to become pen-pals.