27 June, 2006

First Day of Camp

Can you belive it - Summer Camp has already started! Yesterday was the girl's first day at camp. Nazeriah is a "Rubber Ducky" at Mini Camp; Kaija is riding the bus to Camp Deeny Riback. Oh my!

Nazeriah is loving camp - she is with all of her friends Ilyada, Halle, Lilly-Ann, and Rita. Plus a few new ones. And, yes, the Rubber Duckies go swimming every day. I watched her yesterday and she is putting her head under the water like a pro!

Kaija took her first bus ride by herself yesterday - Camp Deeny Riback (CDR) is about a 25 minute trip from the JCC, where she catches the bus with best bud Isabella.

They were both so excited yesterday! Today, Kaija was a little more nervous, since Bella is now on vacation for the rest of the week. But once the bus doors opened, she flew up the steps to get a seat, then waved and blew kisses at me through the window. How cute!

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  1. thank you for being such a good blogger. I LOVE the camp snapshots! Ilayda is having so much fun with Nazeriah (how do you spelal NayNay anyway?) in th eYellow duckies. I saw th eboth of them bobbing up and down in the water - whole heds - like a couple of frogs having a ocmpetition. TOo cute! Is Nazeriah as wipe dout as Ilayda at the end of the day?