02 July, 2006

This Weekend

Wow. What a weekend we had!

Friday, we all left work and camp early to have a nice relaxing Family Night. We needed to get lots of sleep so we had "energies" for the next day.

On Saturday, we met up with our friends the Vural's and two other families at the Alstead Farm in Chester. We played on the giant haystack, saw the animals, and really did pick some strawberries and raspberries. (Although, I think we brought a lot more home in our bellies!)

After all that work, we were starving and headed over with the Vural's to Hacklebarney State Park for a buffet of finger foods. Our other new friends had to start heading home for nap times. Once our bellies were full, we said good-bye to our friends, hopped back in the car and headed over to Randolph to visit our friends the Sulman-Kahana's in their new house. (This is also Kaija's best friend Miki's new house.) Some more food and met some more new friends. Both girls had a lot of fun playing with Miki. A few hours later, we were pooped and left to go home. Whew.

Sunday, was a day of rest (sort of). We didn't make it to church - lounged like slugs for a little while. Okay, so that was Courtney and I - the girls were ready to go. I believe Courtney said Nazeriah woke up at 6:30am. All I remember is a snuggle-bunny cuddling up to me! After some food and laying around, we realized if we were going to do anything at all, we better get started.

So off we went to Verona Park with the girls bicycles. This is only the second time that they have ridden them - boy were they good! Of course after a few false starts.

Soon I was trying to run to keep up with them. That's when I started taking pictures and Courtney kept an eye on both girls. After a stint at the playground - we left to Fresh City for lunch; a few errands and it was time to head home.

Courtney is putting the girls to bed right now. :-)

Photo of me and my growing belly. (It feels bigger than it looks!)

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