07 September, 2006

First Day of School

Two cuties started school today.

It was Kaija's first day in Kindergarten and Nazeriah's first day in the preschool 4's. They are both so excited!

Where did the summer go?

On the way home this evening, Kaija was talking to Courtney on the phone. Courtney told her that he was getting dinner ready for us. Kaija replied, "But, Daddy, I have to do my homework first when I get home!" How fast they grow up. She has a special homework/communications book that she is responsible to bring home every night and back to school every morning. "It's a big job," Kaija told me. Her friends Aaron, Samanatha and Laura are in the class with her. She's known Aaron since they were babies - as the mommys met at the Mommy & Me class way back when. Belive it or not, in both their JCC careers - school & camp - this is the first class that they've had together since then. Laura and Samantha were in Kaija's 3 year old class, so they were very happy to see each other again.

Nazeriah's class is filled with her friends from last year and summer camp. Could I even name them all! Most importantly, Ilayda and Eden are there. But Nazeriah was a little disappointed to find out that her cubby wasn't right next to Ilayda's - although she thought it was neat that it was the very first one. "But, Mommy, I move it. Ilayda's 'posed to be right next to me!" Nazeriah can't wait until Ilayda is back from her trip to Turkey so she can come to school too. She learned all about Cookie the catapillar and started doing the daily calendar today. I also saw quite a few paintings drying in the hallway when I peeked in. When I picked her up today in after-care, she was playing with Benjamin. She gave him a big hug when we left. Wonder what her other boyfriend, Alex from camp, is going to say?