22 November, 2006

One Big Happy Family

It's final - it's legal - it's done! As of Saturday, November 18 we are one big happy family.

On National Adoption Day, we had our day in court and Nazeriah's adoption is finalized. We couldn't be happier! The Vural's journey with us to the courthouse in Newark, where after about a 2 hour wait, we had our 15 minutes in the court and were done. After that, on to the reception for the families and friends at Rutgers. We just got our official family photo taken, when the fire alarm went off! A few hundred people had to evacuate. Got to have some drama!

Once home, we had our open house to celebrate our family. It was so great to see so many of our friends and celebrate this day with them!

Of course, not only did our camera batteries die, but so did the Vural's. So we have to finish up the disposable camera and then we'll get some more pics up on the blog.

Omi and Nana's 2-week visit ended on November 11. Grandma and Grandpa also were up here for a week. It was great having them up here.

They all helped me out while I was recouperating - plus it is always a good thing to be able to spend time with family. Because of the distance (Omi in Florida, Nana in Las Vegas, Grandma & Grandpa in Florida), the girls don't get to spend as much time with them as we'd like - so every second counts!

And of course, Chayton. He is growing so fast and is just too cute! The girls are still dotting on him - there is meaning to that "smothering with love" phrase.

We're starting to get into some sort of routine - okay maybe he isn't, but the rest of the family is. It changes each day - last night we had a 5 hour stretch, then a 3 hour, then a 2 hour stretch between feedings. Hmmm, if only I could get him to agree on more 5 hour stretches ... but alas, he is a man of his own mind.

Can you believe that Kaija's 5th birthday is this Thursday? Nope, me neither.

Today she is celebrating her birthday with her class - ice pops and all. Check out the fancy birthday hat she gets to wear today!

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