30 December, 2006

Christmas 2006

We decided to have a nice quite Christmas this year - we went to Christmas Eve Services, but otherwise, stayed home with just us. It was nice to be together and to appreciate our family.

We made our traditional home-made pizza for dinner early this year and ate it before going to church. Yummy! It was fun to do the cooking with the girls. Courtney and the girls wore their footie pajamas to Christmas Eve Services - how cute they were. Even Chayton was dressed in Christmas gear.

The next morning of course started really early. I think all the crazies were up by 7am. We went downstairs to see if Santa had come.

Lo and behold! He came - he ate all of his cookies, and his reindeer at all the carrots outside! How exciting!

Two of the best gifts that the girls got were the "juju beads" (not quite sure how you spell that one). These are music makers that are made out of seeds that the girls can wear around their waists. Talk about making some music! As if our house wasn't loud before!

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