21 December, 2006

Getting Our Christmas Tree

This year, we all went to a sustainable tree farm in New Jersey to pick out our Christmas Tree - even Baby Chayton and Fuzzy Bear from Nazeriah's class. Fuzzy Bear gets to go home each weekend with the Shabbat Child - and it was Nazeriah's turn. Chayton was all bundled up & in his sling - slept the whole time!

What fun it was to search out the "perfect" tree for our family. Of course, you know that any tree we would have picked would turn out perfect! It was hard - there were so many trees to pick from.

After our look-around, we found it! Daddy cut it down in now time flat, and we were off to the cabin to pay for it and to get some hot apple cider.

Then it was home to go decorate it!

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