21 December, 2006

Hannukah Parties

It's that time of year - time for school Hannukah Celebrations!

Kajia's came first on Friday with a show put on by the Kindergarten class. They each had a line to say in their presentation. And, yes, Kaija stood up and loudly (and proudly) said her line!! Yeah, Kaija! After the show, a few songs, and then it was lunch time. We also were able to get a picture of Kaija with her teacher, Donna. What a treat!

Then on Monday, it was time for Nazeriah's Hannukah Celebration. All the 4-year old classes came together to put on a show for the parents. After some great songs, it was time to go up to their classroom to have a Hannukah snack! Nazeriah's friends Ilayda and Eden were right by her, singing.

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