21 December, 2006

Nazeriah's Shabbat

Not long ago, it was Nazeriah turn to be the Shabbat Child in her pre-school class at the JCC.

Did she have a good time - she was the center of attention in her class for a good hour and half. Who wouldn't love that!

Auntie Alisa and Kaija were able to come to share it with us - what a treat!

To begin with, Nazeriah got to say "Shabbat Shalom" to all of her friends in class - by song, no less. Next comes a few more songs, then it is time for Nazeriah to have herself "drawn." And she gets to do some writing on her picture. Check out those neat braids!

Then it is time for the blessings, challah and snack - clementines and apples courtesy of Nazeriah. After that it is story time with Mommy.

What a great time we all had!

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