21 December, 2006


Wow - our girls are haveing sleep-overs, can you believe it!! This past weekend, Kaija had her friend Miki over and Nazeriah went to her friend Ilayday's house. (See more about Nazeriah's sleep-over at http://ilayda-okan.blogspot.com/.)

Kaija and Miki had a great time together. They've been best friends since they were about 18 months old. When Miki got to our house, we left to go to the Cookie-Swap Party of our friend Steve, where the girls ran around, ate cookies and played. Then it was home to eat dinner and to get out the tent. The girls were so excited - they got to sleep in the tent all night! Boy did they giggle and laugh - just like girls.

The next morning, it was bubble bath time, then off to pick-up Nazeriah, and then we headed out to Church. It was the day of the Holiday Pagent - all three girls sat, eyes glued, watching the action. At church all three behaved wonderfully - which was good, since I had to step out of the sanctuary to take care of Baby Chayton and Daddy was playing Santa collecting all of the gifts for the children at the Newton Street School. Although, I will say, having 4 is harder than having 3!

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