19 December, 2006

What Great Discussions

Today coming home from school, it was amazing the diversity of subjects we talked about: Kaija's Hannukah activities, Kaija & Nazeriah's snow ball play during gym, Santa coming, Winter Solstice, New Year's Eve, Nazeriah's birthday, our upcoming trip to Boston, and, last but not least, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


What wonderful information we can get our girls to start thinking about. Nazeriah was asking what other holiday's were coming up, since we were talking about Hannukah. So after discussing how we will light our Hannukah candles tonight and then on Christmas Eve we will make our home-made pizza's and go to church, we went through the Winter Solstice celebration we will take part in at the Environmental Center and First Night Montclair on New Year's Eve with our friends the Rossi's and Vural's.

So, the next upcoming holiday is Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday. "Who was he mommy?" We got to talk about the wonderful, caring man that Dr. King was and how he was teaching people to be nice to each other, and to make sure, no matte if their skin was purple, white or brown, that all people are treated equally and fairly. "Where does he live, mommy." Next onto he isn't with us anymore, but there is the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, GA. "Mommy, can we go their with Big Grandma - she lives in Georgia?"

So we then got to talk about Big Grandma's house, and Kaija started telling Nazeriah all about the cows, how nice they are, how you can pet them and feed them, how she and daddy chased the cows, and you get to wear your bathing suit and play with lots of balls at Big Grandma's house. How sweet!

Next onto how we were going to go to Georgia this spring and see Big Grandma and Uncle Jack and Aunt Karen. "I ran through their sprinkler, mommy, and Uncle Jack sprayed me with it!" said Kaija. Then onto how the girls would like to have Grandma and Grandpa and Aesop and Ellwood (their dogs) to come with us to Boston! What cuties!

Got to go, time to read books and get ready for bed.

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