09 December, 2007

A Few Photo Updates

Chayton at 13 Months

Christmas Tree Shopping
Chayton's First Birthday
Family Photos by Elektra
Kaija's 6th Birthday
Kaija's Thanksgiving Feast
Nazeriah's Thanksgiving Feast

20 November, 2007

Chaton Walked!

Last night, Chayton took 3-4 steps for Daddy! How proud we are. I can't believe that he is already trying to walk. Tonight he played with his new push toy from Nana and Papa. Between that toy and trying to keep up with his sisters, Chayton will be walking in no time!

10 November, 2007

We slept through the night! (and more)

Wow. Everyone slept through the night last night: Kaija, Nazeriah AND Chayton!! This is the first time that Chayton has slept all the way through (from 8pm-7:30am). What a gift.

Did I mention that Chayton is 1? Boy has time flown by, and it's been awhile since the last posting ... so much has happened.

Let's see, Chayton turned 1, Kaija's will turn 6 soon, both girls are doing great in school, Chayton has 6 teeth ... what else have I missed ... oh yeah, Halloween and our trip to Washington DC? I hope to post some more about everything else.

We took family pictures the beginning of October - here are a sampling:

(Photos by Elektra)

27 September, 2007

A Day In The Life

I just spent a great morning with Ilayda and Okan. Hakan had an appointment and Alisa is helping their friend Ozlem move.

Since all my chilren are at school and I have off for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot - I was the lucky person who got to play with the kids. What fun we had cooking in the sandbox together. Little Okan's hand is so yummy in mine and Ilayda is just so grown up.

I had to leave once Dobao came over - our house alarm had gone off. I didn't think that the people would come to work on the porch today, but off course they did!

Now i am off doing some errands and fitting in an eyebrow waxing and manicure .... Something i don't treat myself to too often. I'll soon go to pick up the girls from school - I love being there when they first get out of school!

Courtney is down in GA helping his Grandmother move into an assited living facility; so he is having an interesting week to say the least. I wish I cold be there with him - but it didn't make sense to bring all the children. As much love and diversion that they would bring, it would make things even harder.

10 September, 2007

Chayton - Standing Up!

Can you believe it?!? Little Man Chayton is pulling himself up ... watch out world (or at least Mommy & Daddy).

Yesterday morning he surprised me by greeting me in his crib standing up ... next thing we were downstairs and he crawled/pulled up on the first step of our stairs and was sitting there staring at me ... next he was trying to crawl up a stool ... and he can use the bottom legs of the kitchen table to pull up to stand under the table! Our friend Karen got to see him climb all over me, and by using my body, stand up all by himself.

I'm a proud little mama!

06 September, 2007

First Day of School 2007!

A few pictures for now, commentary to come later! I promise.

Camp Allen: Princess Day

Now on to Princess Day! After doing some social things in the morning, we were off to Fresh City for a princess lunch complete with accessories! After that, we headed out to Kip's Castle (a new Essex County Park location that is under renovations right now; you can't go it, but can get on the grounds) for dessert. Can life get any better than this?

Off to Sandy Hook Beach!

Camp Allen: NYC

On Thursday, we hoped the train and headed into the city for a day at Central Park. We packed lunch and had a grand time eating it watching all the people go by. After finding a place for a good game of kickball, we all took a ride on the carousel - how fun. After some more ramblings in the park, as well as stopping for ice cream, we hoped on the subway and headed to the Toys R Us in Times Square - always a great place to go and wonder around! After that it was time to head home to pick up Chayton.

FW: Splish Splash

What a great day! We are on our way home from Hurricane Harbour water park at Great Adventure. We are actually racing to pick up Chayton before daycare closes! Hit a little traffic and the last ride we went on we stood in line a little longer than we thought it would take.

Kaija wasn't ready to leave and actually said to just leave Chayton at daycare. That's quite unusual coming from her mouth as she is usually being caught saying "I love you soooo much!"

The park was a lot of fun. We got there by 11am and didn't leave until 5pm - and we all could have stayed longer. We went down 2 slide rides, played in the water playground and took it easy on the lazy river and wave pool. What was really nice is that we rented a cabana - so we had a central meeting point and a place to get out of the sun (complete with carpet, coffee table and loungers).

In the beginning both girls were a little unsure of what a water park would be like; but they quickly got into the groove. For Kaija, all she needed was to see all the water and fun stuff and she was off. For Nazeriah, we had to go through a bit of drama first - okay a good chunk of crying and not wanting to do anything ... But after the first half hour she realized that it was more fun to have fun and not waste the time crying.

So there we were racing to get Chayton and be home to get our grocery delivery (which if you haven't tried this yet you need too! Shoprite at home - the Brookdale Shoprite). This ended up being the latest that we've picked up Chayton - and we had our grocery order on standby waiting for us to get home.

Courtney dropped Chayton and I off at home and took the girls to go get dinner. Which was - don't faint - ice cream sundaes. (We hadn't ordered that with our normal groceries, so they had to run to the store.) It was a really yummy dinner if I say so myself. And with all that sugar both girls are fast asleep! We even remembered to do our exercises, Dr. Melissa!

Now I'm pumping my last bottles for the day and will soon hit the sack as well. (Alisa - that car charger is sure coming in handy - I just wonder what those truck drivers think when they pass. At least Courtney was driving this time!)

"I wanted to make it grown"

Monday was the first day of Camp Allen. After a full and fun weekend filled with friends (and since C and I had fun and didn't spend the time to get ready) we decided that our fist day of camp would be a low-key "resting" day. This also was good since C and needed to do a few things for work.

So the morning started off with the girls and I taking Chayton to school, then heading to the JCC to pick up something I forgot. On the way home we stop by "Buster" ("No, Nazeriah, that's Blllooockkk - Buster," corrected Kaija). Each girl got to pick out their own movie; after steering away from Barbie and Hannah Montana (a "G" movie, but I'm just not ready to admit my girls are getting old enough to start moving into this genre), Nazeriah settled on Mulan II (okay I caved a little) and Kaija picked Dora (felt much better about that).

While the girls watched their movies on the portable DVD players in their beds, Courtney and I took care of work and tried to clean the mess that our house is in. We had to empty out our hall closet (our biggest closet that we have) for the porch construction project and that stuff is everywhere.

After that we went out to do some errands (fun!). Come to find out Nazeriah was doing a garden project in the back of the minivan. She took the big rock that Ilayda gave here the other day and started pouring the water from her water bottle on it - all while sitting in her seat in the car. "I wanted to make it grown." Unfortunately Courtney had to break it to her that rocks don't "grown" and that, yes, she had to sit in her wet seat on the ride home. Aahh the thinking of a child.

18 August, 2007

Last Day of Camp (sort of) and Chayton's Crawling!

So this was the last week of camp - sort of. It was the last week of regular (8 weeks) camp. The girls are going back on Monday for the 9th Week camp program - that's the program for children of working parents who don't take off the last two weeks of every August. So that would be us. The girls are happy - they get to keep going to camp and the best part is that their friend Ilayda will be with them all next week. We will take the last week of August off and run Camp Allen - but that will be a post for another week.

So with it being the last week of camp, both girls have at different times reached their camp-limit. For Kaija, it's been on the Wednesday of the last three weeks. She's needed a stay-at-home-recharge day (either that or she's really been sick). But this past Wednesday, I wasn't quite sure if she was pulling my leg or if she was really sick/tired. Of course, I had a meeting to got to at 8:45am and Courtney had left at 7:00am to get to a meeting in Philly that morning, so that meant I had just enough time to see the girls off on their bus, take Chayton to daycare, and walk in a few minutes late to my meeting. The plan didn't have room for a sick child.

All morning, Kaija and I are talking and she keep telling me that she really doesn't feel good, and that she isn't going to go on the bus. The genius that I am, I come up with a great (so I thought) compromise - "How about you get on the bus, go to camp, and if you still feel sick after the fun starts, then go see the nurse and tell her to call me and I will come pick you up." Made sense to me. It didn't fly with Kaija. "I am NOT feeling good, I've told you this all morning, and I don't like your compromise - it's not a good choice. I am NOT GETTING ON THE BUS."

So the bus pulls up. Nazeriah gives me a kiss and grabs her backpack/water bottle and is off; Kaija gives me a kiss, I reach down to help her with her backpack/water bottle and she is off - and I mean off and running. After kissing me she ran from the front sidewalk to our side door and was holding onto the door handle for dear life - crying, saying "I TOLD YOU, I'M NOT GOING TO CAMP."

I first try talking some more to her, and realize I'm in a pickle. I have the baby, I don't have a safe place to put him down (reason: see below), and there is no way that I will be able to forcefully get her on the bus. Even if I did get her on the bus kicking and screaming, what was this young teen-age bus counselor going to do to keep her on the bus? So, she didn't get on.

Nazeriah was happy as a clam when I got on the bus to tell her Kaija was staying home, "Mommy, can I sit on the outside now?" Was all she wanted to know. "Sure, Sweetie, take the outside!" (See, Nazeriah and Kaija have an agreement - in the morning N sits on the inside of the seat, by the window; the afternoon K sits by the window - unless, of course, they decide to sit with other friends and then the agreement is null and void.)

The bus pulls away, Kaija gets a stern talking to (but just how stern could I be when she is telling me, rightly so, that I told you I wasn't feeling good and wouldn't get on the bus all morning. So true.

Off we go to take Chayton to school, then Kaija goes to my meeting with me (which we are on time for!), and spends the day with me at work. How that was more exciting than going to camp, I'll never know. But, I did like the extra time that I got with her in between meetings, emails, and phone calls - there is always time for an extra snuggle!

Now, this leads to the second part of the post - Chayton is crawling!! On Monday he was still just sitting on all fours; by Tuesday he could take 3 "crawls;" and by Thursday I was told he was crawling all around the room at daycare. Needless to say, we have been re-baby proofing our house this weekend! He looks so cute cruising around. But when I move into the next room, he still doesn't get it that he can follow me - just sits and cries. I'm sure he'll figure it out fast enough! Such a cutie. Oh, and his two bottom teeth are in. How time is flying by.

14 August, 2007

Go Blue Team!

It's Maccabiah (Color Games) at CDR this week. Both girls are on the Blue Team. We're having fun with and doing a special surprise each day - yesterday was special blue hair ribbons, today was the pompoms and face paint.

1 ... We are the Blue Team ... 2 ... A little bit louder ...
3 ... Still can't here you .... 4 more, more more!