26 January, 2007

Chayton's First Day at Daycare

Today was Chayton's first day at his daycare. He was there for a little over 3 hours to help get him used to it (okay to get Mommy used to it).

He did great! When I came to pick him up, he was finishing a bottle and then started cooing and laughing at his caregivers! YEA!

PS Mommy did okay, too. :-)

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Cute & Crazy Grils

Nazeriah's Birthday Party

Happy Day!

What a great day! Nazeriah was able to have her family and some of her friends over to our house to play and celebrate her birthday: Halle and her brother Jordan, Ilayda
and her brother Okan, Joshua and his sister Isabella, Priella, and of course her sister Kaija and little brother Chayton were there, too!

14 January, 2007

Nazeriah's Birthday

We are on our way home from Boston as we speak. Courtney, the master driver that he is, at the wheel! What a great time we all had!

I'm finally getting to finish this post!

We had a great time in Boston over Nazeriah's Birthday Weekend. She's 5!! We drove up Thursday afternoon (of course we wanted to leave at 10am - but didn't get out of the house until 2pm!) Our new DVD players worked wonderfully in the car (thank you Nana, Papa & Omi!).

Once we got to our hotel in Boston (we actually stayed in Cambridge) and everything was up in our room it was time for a swim in the hotella pool. Everyone went in - even Baby Chayton (his first time in a pool). Then it was off to bed to get energies for the next day. After a breakfast of Fruit Loops (oh boy!), sausage for Nazeriah and eggs for Kaija, it was off on our adventures - but first a swim in the pool!

Our next stop of the day was over to Harvard Square and a cruise around Harvard Green. The girls favorite thing of the whole trip - sliding down the stairs of one of Harvard's churches. We even went into the Curious George toy/book store.

After that it was time to head on over to the Museum of Science. What a great Museum! On Friday's they stay open late and have a jazz band playing in their cafe. So after taking a look at some of the Museum's many neat things (and a stop at the butterfly exhibit) we ate dinner at the Museum! Nazeriah's birthday request was for pizza - and did they have some good pizza there.

When we got back to the hotel it was time for a - you guessed it - swim in the pool! Plus - we had a special birthday cake for Nazeriah's 5th birthday.

On Saturday, we first went to the Museum of African American History. It is located in the Beacon Hill section of Boston. How neat - the roads were tiny and narrow and such wonderful brownstone type houses all around. The Museum is in the first African American School House. Once we were done there, we headed back and ate lunch in our mini-van, and then headed out to find the Aquarium. That was real cool, too - lots of penguins, jellies, and fish! That night, after another swim in the pool - everyone was very tired.

Sunday was swimming, eating fruit loops, and packing - then it was back home to New Jersey.