03 March, 2007

Suprise Trip to Florida

Last Saturday started as a normal Saturday - everyone waking up at the crack of dawn and eating breakfast. Then, we gathered the girls around and announced, "Go get dressed, you're going to Florida!"

An hour later, the girls and Courtney were waiting at the airport for their flight to Jacksonville, FL! (Courtney had a business trip and Grandma & Grandpa took time off to spend with the girls.) What a great life!

At the airport each girl received their very own digital camera to take pictures of their trip for their trip journal (see models at left).

Once on the plane, they were very busy, making phone calls, planning their day, etc. The life of 5-year-olds!

And once they touched ground in Florida, they were quite happy to trade their turtlenecks for short-sleeved shirts!

For the next 5 days, the girls were on vacation, visiting friends, going to the Jacksonville Zoo, to the Museum of Science and History (MoSH), and doing fun things like making muffins with Grandma!

Brenda & Ed & the Girls

Nazeriah, Rachel & Marshal

Joe & Kaija

The Girls & Joy

April, Ryan & Patti

The Glamorous Life - getting a ride home in a real limo!

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