30 May, 2007

End of vacation

The rest of day six was wonderful. After the gang came back from hiking and Chayton woke up it was time to hit the lake at the park. Our group had rented a pavilion close to the water and playground.

Chayton and i stayed in the very very very cold water for just a little bit (thanks aunt Alisa for the mesh sling!) but daddy and the girls stayed for a loooong time! I headed back to the pavilion to warm up and talk to some friends. When our gang came back it was off to go kayaking. Can't wait to get the pictures up to show all of you! After a BBQ dinner the Allen gang headed back to our cottage for a late night turn in.

The next morning was checkout time - so we got to see our friends one last time. We were one of the last cars to leave, boy did it seem quiet.

Then back to big grandmas for some more fun. Although we did not get to see the cows again - we did get to go up in big grandmas barn and do some races down the hill in the pasture (watch out for those cow patties).

Now i am waiting in the Newark airport for Courtney and the girls to bring the car from long term parking; and wondering why we just don't do a car service ...

27 May, 2007

Day 4, 5 & 6

So day four was spent at Big Grandma's just playing and relaxing - well as much as you can with three kids! I've been very fortunate to be able to shut off from work save a few emails here and there; tho Courtney has had a few big to-do items, but he is finally able to relax some more.

Grandma is really enjoying the children. Chayton loves to sit with her out on the back porch and the girls love coming up t show them things they find or do - like climb the magnolia trees, play kickball or point out the cows and butterflies that go by.

After Courtney took grandma to the urgent care to check out a couple of things we went out to dinner.

Day five, we started out with a crazy breakfast eating our leftovers from dinner, they sent the girls out to play while Courtney and i started packing things up for our camping trip. Boy, when you travel with three kids do you have a lot of stuff - and we didn't bring any extra things for Chayton! Good thing our goal was to just make it to fort mountain in time for dinner - we didn't get here until 4:30! Just in time.

The park is huge with tent camping, primitive camping and of course the cottages - which are beautiful! Kitchen, two bedrooms with four beds, two full bathrooms, a living area and a deck. Very nice! There is about 20-25 people in our group and we all went to dinner together at the nearby lodge. It was great fun - we had a room all to ourselves. The girls are really excited to see everyone and Chayton is game to be held by anyone.

Today day 6 it is beautiful outside and the girls and daddy just came back from a hike and Chayton is napping.

25 May, 2007

Georgia trip day 3

(Note: I'm still getting used to writing on my crack jack (aka black jack) so please bear with the funny spellings, weird punctuation, and lack of punctuation! PS I also do note have spell check . . .)

Day three . . . What a wonderful time we are having. Somehow, time just seems to disappear at Big Grandma's house. You feel like you did when you were a kid - the hours just meld together with no worries. It is quite refreshing.

The girls spent most of the day playing outside and in the little plastic pool. After lunch, the cows had come down into the pasture. I put Chayton in the sling and we went on a cow hunt. It wasn't very hard as the cows came up to us for food. One big Brahma or is it Burma cow was very friendly towards me and almost licked the back of my arm! Then it was off for a walk around the property - grandma has 22 acres of open pasture and woods. What a great place for exploring.

Once we got back to the house it was time to get ready to visit our friends Eric, Shari and their little cutie, Sasha. We had a great time at their beautiful house and a wonderful dinner. My crazies, that's including their daddy, actually went swimming in their pool - it was a tad bit chilly, so the rest of us stayed dry! What a wonderful evening.

23 May, 2007


Well our Georgia trip started off with some drama yesterday. When we were boarding the plane, Kaija's loose tooth became caught on one of her backpack straps and ended up hanging by a thread!

So the whole plane ride Kaija is still as a statue slowly working on her tooth. She wouldn't even eat or drink - not even the little bag of skittles that came with the meal. Nazeriah and Chayton pass the plane trip very nicely without any major drama. Chayton is just such a happy baby. But thank goodness for my sling! It worked great to hold him in the seat but was very helpful when I nursed him; as i was on the aisle seat with an older man who definitely took up all of his seat.

We land at around 8:30 but after getting our luggage and rentacar (and only some major drama with Nazeriah as she crossed the street) it was 10:00 by the time we stopped for a real dinner. Mind you - Kaija has not eaten since lunchtime- and she still won't, but she is still working on that tooth!

Everyone falls asleep on the drive to Big Grandma's and are put right to bed. This morning, Chayton still wakes up at 7, but the girls sleep until 8 - yea!

Today was a fun day of playing, eating, and more playing. We did a couple of games of kickball (even got Nazeriah to run the bases in the right order) with me and Nazeriah on a team against daddy and Kaija; an impromptu water fight in the plastic pool; new flip flops and don't forget the sweet tea!!! What a great day. And Chayton got a lot of lap time and loves - although daycare has him on a better schedule with eating and sleeping and his nebulizer . . .

Right now the girls are cooking cookies for their tooth party - K's lost tooth and N's two loose teeth - and coloring with Big Grandma. While Chayton just fell asleep next to me on the bed. Aahh it's great to be a kid!