27 May, 2007

Day 4, 5 & 6

So day four was spent at Big Grandma's just playing and relaxing - well as much as you can with three kids! I've been very fortunate to be able to shut off from work save a few emails here and there; tho Courtney has had a few big to-do items, but he is finally able to relax some more.

Grandma is really enjoying the children. Chayton loves to sit with her out on the back porch and the girls love coming up t show them things they find or do - like climb the magnolia trees, play kickball or point out the cows and butterflies that go by.

After Courtney took grandma to the urgent care to check out a couple of things we went out to dinner.

Day five, we started out with a crazy breakfast eating our leftovers from dinner, they sent the girls out to play while Courtney and i started packing things up for our camping trip. Boy, when you travel with three kids do you have a lot of stuff - and we didn't bring any extra things for Chayton! Good thing our goal was to just make it to fort mountain in time for dinner - we didn't get here until 4:30! Just in time.

The park is huge with tent camping, primitive camping and of course the cottages - which are beautiful! Kitchen, two bedrooms with four beds, two full bathrooms, a living area and a deck. Very nice! There is about 20-25 people in our group and we all went to dinner together at the nearby lodge. It was great fun - we had a room all to ourselves. The girls are really excited to see everyone and Chayton is game to be held by anyone.

Today day 6 it is beautiful outside and the girls and daddy just came back from a hike and Chayton is napping.

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