30 May, 2007

End of vacation

The rest of day six was wonderful. After the gang came back from hiking and Chayton woke up it was time to hit the lake at the park. Our group had rented a pavilion close to the water and playground.

Chayton and i stayed in the very very very cold water for just a little bit (thanks aunt Alisa for the mesh sling!) but daddy and the girls stayed for a loooong time! I headed back to the pavilion to warm up and talk to some friends. When our gang came back it was off to go kayaking. Can't wait to get the pictures up to show all of you! After a BBQ dinner the Allen gang headed back to our cottage for a late night turn in.

The next morning was checkout time - so we got to see our friends one last time. We were one of the last cars to leave, boy did it seem quiet.

Then back to big grandmas for some more fun. Although we did not get to see the cows again - we did get to go up in big grandmas barn and do some races down the hill in the pasture (watch out for those cow patties).

Now i am waiting in the Newark airport for Courtney and the girls to bring the car from long term parking; and wondering why we just don't do a car service ...


  1. Wow! You go guys! I'm amazed at what the Allens can do in one week! Thanks for sharing your beautiful vacation stories-I always love checking your blog and keeping up with you all.

  2. Car service?
    I found myself last night wondering why you didn't have us drive you there? It's such a short trip, would save you a bundle and make things easier for you. Please promise to let us do it next time. Liberty is too close to have it any other way. JFK, well, that's another story!