25 May, 2007

Georgia trip day 3

(Note: I'm still getting used to writing on my crack jack (aka black jack) so please bear with the funny spellings, weird punctuation, and lack of punctuation! PS I also do note have spell check . . .)

Day three . . . What a wonderful time we are having. Somehow, time just seems to disappear at Big Grandma's house. You feel like you did when you were a kid - the hours just meld together with no worries. It is quite refreshing.

The girls spent most of the day playing outside and in the little plastic pool. After lunch, the cows had come down into the pasture. I put Chayton in the sling and we went on a cow hunt. It wasn't very hard as the cows came up to us for food. One big Brahma or is it Burma cow was very friendly towards me and almost licked the back of my arm! Then it was off for a walk around the property - grandma has 22 acres of open pasture and woods. What a great place for exploring.

Once we got back to the house it was time to get ready to visit our friends Eric, Shari and their little cutie, Sasha. We had a great time at their beautiful house and a wonderful dinner. My crazies, that's including their daddy, actually went swimming in their pool - it was a tad bit chilly, so the rest of us stayed dry! What a wonderful evening.

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