25 June, 2007

First Day of Camp

Wow. It all happend so fast. First we are all outside singing and talking, then the bus appears over the horizon - and poof! The girls are on their bus and headed towards camp. It was so fast, we didn't even get to take a picture of them getting on the bus. Thank goodness I had the video cam primed and ready - or I would have missed that one too! I haven't gotten emotional (yet) about the girls growing up and graduating from pre-K and K - but seeing them get on that camp bus does something to me. I thought, with Kaija going to camp last year and riding the bus, that I would be an old pro at it this year . . . I think I was more choked up today.

But here are my girls!

01 June, 2007

Chayton's growing up!

Just a quick post after I dropped Chayton off this morning at daycare. As I left him sitting in the toddler seat/highchair eating gerber "puffs," I felt a tug at my heart - he's growing up.

This is the first time that he has picked up something from his tray and eaten it ... his first taste of something other than pureed babyfood or teething biscuit (okay so he had a little watermelon last week - but I squeezed it so flat and put it into his mouth for him). What great little pinchers he has!

Ahh, time is going by so fast ...