25 June, 2007

First Day of Camp

Wow. It all happend so fast. First we are all outside singing and talking, then the bus appears over the horizon - and poof! The girls are on their bus and headed towards camp. It was so fast, we didn't even get to take a picture of them getting on the bus. Thank goodness I had the video cam primed and ready - or I would have missed that one too! I haven't gotten emotional (yet) about the girls growing up and graduating from pre-K and K - but seeing them get on that camp bus does something to me. I thought, with Kaija going to camp last year and riding the bus, that I would be an old pro at it this year . . . I think I was more choked up today.

But here are my girls!

1 comment:

  1. Why did I start crying as the bus video rolled? >sigh< they're growing up so fast!