06 September, 2007

FW: Splish Splash

What a great day! We are on our way home from Hurricane Harbour water park at Great Adventure. We are actually racing to pick up Chayton before daycare closes! Hit a little traffic and the last ride we went on we stood in line a little longer than we thought it would take.

Kaija wasn't ready to leave and actually said to just leave Chayton at daycare. That's quite unusual coming from her mouth as she is usually being caught saying "I love you soooo much!"

The park was a lot of fun. We got there by 11am and didn't leave until 5pm - and we all could have stayed longer. We went down 2 slide rides, played in the water playground and took it easy on the lazy river and wave pool. What was really nice is that we rented a cabana - so we had a central meeting point and a place to get out of the sun (complete with carpet, coffee table and loungers).

In the beginning both girls were a little unsure of what a water park would be like; but they quickly got into the groove. For Kaija, all she needed was to see all the water and fun stuff and she was off. For Nazeriah, we had to go through a bit of drama first - okay a good chunk of crying and not wanting to do anything ... But after the first half hour she realized that it was more fun to have fun and not waste the time crying.

So there we were racing to get Chayton and be home to get our grocery delivery (which if you haven't tried this yet you need too! Shoprite at home - the Brookdale Shoprite). This ended up being the latest that we've picked up Chayton - and we had our grocery order on standby waiting for us to get home.

Courtney dropped Chayton and I off at home and took the girls to go get dinner. Which was - don't faint - ice cream sundaes. (We hadn't ordered that with our normal groceries, so they had to run to the store.) It was a really yummy dinner if I say so myself. And with all that sugar both girls are fast asleep! We even remembered to do our exercises, Dr. Melissa!

Now I'm pumping my last bottles for the day and will soon hit the sack as well. (Alisa - that car charger is sure coming in handy - I just wonder what those truck drivers think when they pass. At least Courtney was driving this time!)

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