06 September, 2007

"I wanted to make it grown"

Monday was the first day of Camp Allen. After a full and fun weekend filled with friends (and since C and I had fun and didn't spend the time to get ready) we decided that our fist day of camp would be a low-key "resting" day. This also was good since C and needed to do a few things for work.

So the morning started off with the girls and I taking Chayton to school, then heading to the JCC to pick up something I forgot. On the way home we stop by "Buster" ("No, Nazeriah, that's Blllooockkk - Buster," corrected Kaija). Each girl got to pick out their own movie; after steering away from Barbie and Hannah Montana (a "G" movie, but I'm just not ready to admit my girls are getting old enough to start moving into this genre), Nazeriah settled on Mulan II (okay I caved a little) and Kaija picked Dora (felt much better about that).

While the girls watched their movies on the portable DVD players in their beds, Courtney and I took care of work and tried to clean the mess that our house is in. We had to empty out our hall closet (our biggest closet that we have) for the porch construction project and that stuff is everywhere.

After that we went out to do some errands (fun!). Come to find out Nazeriah was doing a garden project in the back of the minivan. She took the big rock that Ilayda gave here the other day and started pouring the water from her water bottle on it - all while sitting in her seat in the car. "I wanted to make it grown." Unfortunately Courtney had to break it to her that rocks don't "grown" and that, yes, she had to sit in her wet seat on the ride home. Aahh the thinking of a child.

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