10 November, 2007

We slept through the night! (and more)

Wow. Everyone slept through the night last night: Kaija, Nazeriah AND Chayton!! This is the first time that Chayton has slept all the way through (from 8pm-7:30am). What a gift.

Did I mention that Chayton is 1? Boy has time flown by, and it's been awhile since the last posting ... so much has happened.

Let's see, Chayton turned 1, Kaija's will turn 6 soon, both girls are doing great in school, Chayton has 6 teeth ... what else have I missed ... oh yeah, Halloween and our trip to Washington DC? I hope to post some more about everything else.

We took family pictures the beginning of October - here are a sampling:

(Photos by Elektra)


  1. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful family! We miss all of you so much! We cannot wait to see you again.
    Joe, Rachel & Madalyn

  2. Wow! They're growing up so fast. Good thing you and Courtney haven't aged a day. The whole family is beautiful and you look very happy. Miss y'all.