19 January, 2008

The Key Saga

Yesterday Chayton spent a wonderful day with Aunt Alisa and Babanne - he was pretty sick the beginning of the week, and Alisa volunteered to give him some extra cuddles and love to help make sure that he feels even better.

Aunt Alisa and Ozlem picked up Chayton from the JCC a little after 9am, after getting all the instructions, his backpack of stuff and last-minute kisses from mommy. (Boy was I jealous to have to stay and work, while they got to go off and play.)

They had a great day - and I was able to get some work done. You can see from the pictures here and visit Alisa's blog to learn more: http://ilayda-okan.blogspot.com/

Now, it's getting closer to 5pm and I have to go pick up Nazeriah and Kaija from Kids Club at the JCC to go to Dr. Melissa's and still be able to squeeze in the most amount of work. Not a big deal ... Dr. Melissa's is right down the street and I know the exact amount of time that I have to leave my office, get them downstairs and get in the car to arrive at our appointment on time. Of course, this timing doesn't leave room for anything else to happen. All is well, and the ladies and I are off to our mini-van in the parking garage.
We get to the mini-van, and I can't find my car keys.
I look through my purse, my pockets, my bag ... nothing. I truck the girls back into the JCC and my office thinking that either they dropped there, or this morning Chayton got a hold of them and I didn't realize it. I search through my desk drawers, the girls are looking under the desk and chairs. I go through the trash. Nothing.
I call Aunt Alisa, thinking that I must have dropped them in Chayton's backpack by accident. Of course, she and Babanne are giving Chayton a bath, with Ilayda and Okan helping them - so not near the phone. I leave messages on Alisa's cell and home phone. Alisa calls me back, we make plans ... the baby's getting out of the tub, dried, lotioned and dressed; then Alisa and Chayton are heading over to the JCC with the backpack.
I call Dr. Melissa's and say we aren't making Nazeriah's 5:15pm appointment! But, we will still make Kaija's at 5:45pm.
Alisa arrives with the baby - we meet at the JCC and all of us just plopped down in a corner to go through the backpack. Everything comes out. No Keys!
I ask Alisa to look through my purse and bag - to make sure I didn't miss them. I trek back out to the mini-van for another check in windows to see if I left the keys in the car. No luck. I call Courtney (who is, by the way, in New Orleans) and thankfully he left his set of keys at home.
We all trek back to my office ... but on our way there, we stop off at one of the reception desks to see it anyone had turned in my keys. No dice. Onward back to my office.
Now, Alisa looks through everything. Still no keys.
I call Dr. Melissa's again, letting them know that the key saga continues, and that we wouldn't be making any of the appointments.
We come up with a plan. Alisa has enough car/booster seats to take us all back to her house. We'll leave the older kids with Babanne, head to our house with Chayton, pick up Courtney's keys; then drive back to the JCC, get my mini-van and go to Alisa's house for dinner. Perfect.
As we walk out past the reception desk, the attendant is on the phone - someone just called her, and they have a pair of keys that matched my description! Down at the gymnasium. Whoo-hoo! Off we go to the gym. (Which, I was never at today!)
We get my keys, deduce that they must have fallen out of my coat pocket (got to get that hole fixes ... or stop putting my keys in the pocket) when I picked up the girls from Kids Club. Someone must have picked up my keys when all the Kids Club kids were being moved to the gym ... thankfully they turned them in!
Alisa, graciously re-extends the invitation for dinner and we all head over to the Vural's house for a nice, relaxing, large family dinner! Whew.
Thank you Alisa for helping and providing another adult brain to think through the situation! (And Courtney for your long-distance help from New Orleans!)

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