23 April, 2008

Spring Break Day 2

Well, I’m finally able to blog again. My Black Jack has decided to stop working … could be the cell tower somewhere up the coast that I got “stuck” in … or maybe it’s finally running out of caffeine from the dump in my coffee cup back in December. Either way, no phone calls or internet from that phone. Maybe I’ll get unstuck once we get back in New Jersey?

Day 2 – we started out in Richmond, VA at the hotela. Kaija, Chayton and Courtney went for a morning swim; while Nazeriah and I stayed back in the room for a little rest. Maybe I was the one resting, and Nazeriah was just waiting for it to be over?

With breakfast and a swim under our belt it was time to get moving again … oh wait, it was time to eat lunch. Off to Panera (and a quick side-stop at a really nice Franklin Covey store for Mommy and Daddy).

Okay, now we’re moving … onto North Carolina and the beach! On one of our rest stops, we met a gentleman and his dog (Kelsey) driving to Florida from Morristown, NJ. Chayton has become very dog-interested (okay, so he still sometimes calls them “kitty”). So far, we’ve made the acquaintance of two dogs and their people. Once Chayton sees the dog, he get’s quite adamant that we have to go over and pet the dog. And he pets them! He’s less afraid of these dogs than the girls are! So far, we’ve met a German Sheppard and a sheltie dog.

The rest of our drive was pretty tame – Courtney sat in the back with the girls and watched a movie with them; I was jammin’ out to music up front; and well, Chayton was stuck in the middle. We did hit a lot of weather – heavy rain for most of the trip and a little hail.

We got to our hotel and immediately went down to the beach … it was getting dusk, but there was also a big storm moving in. Once the thunder and lighting got a little close, all the girls were ready to go in (including me!). But it was on to the pool for a swim.

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