26 April, 2008

Spring Break Day 7

We are back in New Jersey! It's a little past 8pm and we just hit our first rest stop in NJ.

Lo and behold - a mile marker 105 in Virginia i caught back up with my at&t signal and since then my black jack has been working. Weird.

Today was mostly traveling, but we did stop in DC again. This time at the FDR memorial. Which was awe-inspiring as always. So many of the thoughts he had still ring true today. Of course it took us a little longer to find it - Courtney was giving directions to Teddy Roosevelt's island and memorial and I was giving directions to FDR's memorial. Quite funny when we figured it out! I do have lots of pictures fem today and the last few days; i hope to get them up once we get back home.

We all had a good time walking thru the memorial and playing with the water Chayton started playing a little kick ball, Nazeriah was singing and Kaija became our official photographer - she got a great one of Chayton (as well as some trees, the Washington memorial and some great stuff in the gift shop). Chayton soon let us know it was time to go and we headed back to the car to continue our journey.

The drive has been fairly uneventful, thank goodness. The girls have been plugged into the dvd player and we've sung a few hundred versions of itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle and little bunny foo-foo (revised slightly). Okay not hat many, but Chayton is getting pretty good at all the hand signs for those songs.

We surprised the girls with Wendy's for lunch (no ff tho) and at dinner we lucked out. There's a Panera that we know of that we usually stop at when we head to DC. This time there was a new restaurant (and a line completely around Best Buy - what was that about?). Th restaurant was Noodles & Company and was very good. A nice change from the normal travel food and a break from Panera. Everyone (except Chayton) ate without complaining. C didn't eat - that doesn't bode well for tonight. He's gotten a little bit of a dry cough ... Let's hope that is all it is.

Now we are at exit 7b and in a bit of traffic. But the only traffic we've hit his whole time was heading out of DC (construction work) and this (who knows why we were all stopped).
… Sent via Black Jack - pardon the spelling ...

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  1. Well I feel like I've just been on Spring Break with the Allen family! Thanks for all the great posts. What a fun vacation - swimming 10 times a day, fine dining (cracker barrel and chick-fil-a, but no waffle house!) I hope Chayton feels better. Funny, big dogs (kitties) are no problem, but EEK no sand in my toes! Too cute!
    Welcome home!