14 May, 2008

My Little Protestor

Says Kaija:
You're a mean Mommy! I don't think I like you, Mommy. I want a new Mommy!

Says Mommy:
I'll see what I can arrange.

Kaija wanted to take her make-up to school today - Mommy didn't want her to. Now why on earth would someone give a 6 year-old make-up as a party gift?!? They are going to be bombarded with body-image expectations from the general public and media soon enough - lay off the 6 year-olds!

Background - part two:
Kaija also wasn't going to get on the school bus today - that is until Mommy told her that she could just walk back up to the house and tell Daddy why she isn't going to school. Kaija almost did that, until she saw Daddy standing at the foot of our driveway waiting for her. (Gotta love text messaging! Great way to get back-up in place.)

1 comment:

  1. Well Kaija and Ilayda are certainly two peas in a pod sometimes! I feel the same way as you with the make up. My goodness - why on earth would I want my little girl to grow up and become a woman faster than she already will? Don't people see the harm that comes out of the premature maturization (and sexualization) of children, especially girls? UGH! Stand your ground, Mama! and way to go with the text messaging. If I text message you and Courtney, could you come back up me and Baba? :)