28 August, 2008

Summer Vacation

Summer is flying by, but we have been able to take some time out and enjoy it with our family.

The beginning of August we spent a week in the Adirondacks and had a blast. The weather was just right and it was so beautiful up there. We went hiking, had duck races and just hung out. [Omi - the pound cake was delicious!]

For more pictures check this out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lifeoftheallens/sets/72157606994697836/ets/72157606994697836/sets/72157606994697836/

24 August, 2008

Camp Allen has Begun!!!!

We spent a wonderful day at the Beach with the Vurals! Between digging a hole to China (we all wanted to see the Closing show at the Olympics!), chasing waves, eatings endless amounts of watermelon and enjoying each others company it turned out to be a GREAT start to a week of fun! Stay tuned...more to come!

23 August, 2008


Nazeriah to Daddy while he made an emergency stop to get gas (quite loudly):

Why are you stopping here?!? We can't get gas here! They don't treat their workers nice and they are mean to the earth!!!

(It was an Exxon station)

Kaija to Mommy while Chayton was taking a bath:

Look Mommy, I brushed his hair really nice. Chayton doesn't know it but he's going to a party in his dreams. That's why I brushed it like this.