03 September, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for our little ladies. How grown up and little they seemed to be at the same time.

Yesterday the girls and I stopped by the school to check out their new classes. Their teachers were all in an assembly, so we just took a look in the classrooms. I think both girls enjoyed seeing where their desks (yes they are now in desks - no more tables) were and also getting a look at the names of the children that will be in their classes. It also seemed to help with the nerves. Although N was the energizer bunny last night she was so excited - while K was a little more subdued and nervous.

This morning N jumped out of bed and got dressed fast as lightening. K was a little slower and wanted some snuggles (yummy) with mommy and her brother. But also got dressed AND brushed her hair without anyone telling her to do it. Now that was something. By a quarter to 8, they both had their backpacks on and were begging to go to the bus stop - which doesn't get there until 8:15am.

Courtney got back from dropping off C and we all headed to the bus, stopping along the way to pick up our friends Joshua and Marie Alyse. Once the bus came Courtney and I took of to meet them at school. They were so cute standing in their class lines.

By this point, the girls had switched personalities. K was completly the social butterfly talking to all the old friends she hadn't seen for so long; hand up in the air waving to the ones who are now in different classes. For N, the reality of the moment seemed to have crept in - she was standing, quietly, in her line with a look on her face of "oh no, what have I gotten myself into?" But by the time I got home tonight she was all jazzed up about her first day and both girls had lots to tell about it.

It really seems like yesterday that we were watching them go off to their kindergarten class for the first time . . .

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  1. Can you believe they are getting so big, so fast? I lov eyour blog and how you write - it's such a treat to read your observations and reflections.