19 October, 2008

Happy Birthday Chayton

Chayton is now officially 2!

He started acting like it a few weeks ago. :-)

It is hard to believe that this sweet, loving, energetic boy was as ever as tiny as little Baby Selda. But two years ago he was ... And how he has grown since then.

Chayton has always been a do-it-yourself type of little man (I guess that comes with being the third child), but now it is so much more ...

Taking of his jacket, putting on his crocs, telling you what he did at school, doing a funny trick to get you laughing, dancng like a maniac to Maddonna, and of course the warm, big, loveable hugs and kisses - with his check right next to yours and his little yummy arms tight around your neck.

It's good to be the center of a two-year-olds universe!

Happy Birthday Chayton! I love you with all my heart.

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16 October, 2008

Autumn and "Broken" Leaves

It is always such a joy to pick Chayton up from school. The minute Chayton sees you, he drops what he is doing, yells "Mommy/Daddy" and runs over to you - basically flinging himself into your arms. Who wouldn't love that greeting after a long work day?

After stopping at the counter on our way out to get crackers (don't mess with his crackers or cute Chayton turns into a screaming banshee), we have another ritual outside. There is a lone bush, quite Charlie Brown in appearance in the grassy area of the entry way to school. Standing all by itself, small and lonely. Except when Chayton goes home.

Each day, we have to walk over to the bush and touch it with the palm of our hands ... And say "Ouch!" You see, the characteristic Chayton loves about this bush (besides always being taller than it) is that the bush is really prickly - it actally hurts when you touch it. So we both stand there, touch the bush, say "OUCH!" and shake our hurt hands as we laugh at each other for touching it.

Today after our ritual, Chayton decided to wander over to the bushes next to the playground fence. Once here, we started rubbing and talking about the smooth leaves that were left on the branches. Soon, Chayton had turned, ran to the prickly bush, touched it then ran back to the smooth bush and touched it; as if to say "Look, I get it! It's cool - they feel different!"

Then I mention that the leaves have fallen off the tree because it's fall (try explaing "falling" and "fall" as in autumn to a 2 year old ... I'd just skip it). But what he did get ... "Broken, Mommy" as he picked up the leaves and tried to put them back on the branches. What a cutie pie!

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07 October, 2008

Photos from Last Week

Sleeping Chayton (too cute)

Apple Picking

At the Park right before Selda's Birthday!

The Princesses

The Pirate

Walking Home

02 October, 2008

Welcome Baby Selda!

It's a ..... GIRL!!!


12:02 am, 10/2/08

7 pounds 2 ounces20 inches

Born sunny side up after 19 minutes of pushing. We're all good and healthy.

She is Gorgeous, hasn't as much hair as her Abla and Abi, and nurses like a pro. Fotos to come soon!!!

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See more at: http://ilayda-okan.blogspot.com/

01 October, 2008

The baby's on its way!

Okay - let me clarify, not my baby (three is just fine, thank you). But my found family is about to grow by one as Alisa is (finally as she says) at the hospital, with what we hope will be the final contractions.

So, I am at Bella's park with Okan, Ilayda, Kaija and Nazeriah having a grand time. Soon we will leave and pick up Chayton and I will have a full mini-van of kids!

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Apple picking and Hair Spa Day

Yesterday the girls and I headed out to go apple picking. We had a lot of fun picking our King David, Jonagold, Gala and other apples. Nazeiah also had a great time running around - "Nazeriah, go run to that tree and come back." "Nazeriah, go run and touch that sign and come back." You get the picture! :-)

After a picnic lunch of sandwiches, cheesy popcorn, veggies (and apples of course!) we headed off to our beauty appointments. I had a hair appointment and after two years of long hair succumbed to the inevitable and cut it short. And I'm loving it!

Kaija and Nazeriah both had their hair washed for the first time at the salon. Then Kaija sat and told Pam our hairdresser to cut her hair (which was past her shoulders) to her chin. Which when Pam looked at me to verify, I quickly hand motioned to a little below her chin! After a full summer and beginning of fall struggling to brush her hair and threatening to cut it all off - I couldn't do it!

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