19 October, 2008

Happy Birthday Chayton

Chayton is now officially 2!

He started acting like it a few weeks ago. :-)

It is hard to believe that this sweet, loving, energetic boy was as ever as tiny as little Baby Selda. But two years ago he was ... And how he has grown since then.

Chayton has always been a do-it-yourself type of little man (I guess that comes with being the third child), but now it is so much more ...

Taking of his jacket, putting on his crocs, telling you what he did at school, doing a funny trick to get you laughing, dancng like a maniac to Maddonna, and of course the warm, big, loveable hugs and kisses - with his check right next to yours and his little yummy arms tight around your neck.

It's good to be the center of a two-year-olds universe!

Happy Birthday Chayton! I love you with all my heart.

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