10 August, 2009

Chayton's Hair Cut

Chayton got a hair cut this weekend ... now he looks like a boy up to no good. :-) Still a cutie, though!

05 August, 2009

Eeewww ... Lice

Well, we've finally been initiated into the world of lice. I have to say, we’ve been fairly lucky – three kids and this is our first infestation.

I picked up Chayton from his camp around 3pm – once they found them; I had to get him right away. I then called camp and had the girls checked out. Boy was I hoping that Nazeriah wouldn’t have any (yikes, combing out her hair???) and Kaija had a sleep-over to go to, so was really hoping it wouldn’t be her.

Of course, Kaija has them, too. (Check out their olive oil hair-dos.)

She was so upset, not only was it her late night at camp but she was having a sleep-over with her BFF (since they were 18 months old). Sigh. Camp handled it great – giving her a camp hat to cover her head (and putting it up in a pony-tail) and reassuring her that it would really be okay.

I think Nazeriah is relieved that she is spared, but I also think she wishes she had them … never one to be left out of the “hot” thing! But she is off to camp today, yea!

Chayton and Kaija have been shampooed, picked through, olive-oiled up and this morning picked through again. I really don’t know what I am doing – so hope I’m doing something right! Have to say the olive oil made it much easier to go through their hair – in case you are wondering, it’s a great conditioner and gets tangles out.

30 July, 2009

More Summer Fun!

Hi All - here's a brief recap of some of our summer fun.

Ilayda and Okan at their "half" sleep-over at our house.

Orange Clownfish Fun

Crazy Hat Day

First Day of Camp

Beach Fun!

Brownie Ceremony

VA Memorial Day BBQ

27 July, 2009

Super Summer!

Check out these photos:

  1. At Nazeriah's super star debut at the Triple Threat Theater Camp Session 1 Show
  2. Ice Cream Celebration - Nazeriah's Show and Kaija passed her deep water test at CDR!
  3. Chayton showing off his hat that Arianne made for him - go A!
  4. Bike Riding - Kaija is riding all by herself!!!! Yeah!

19 January, 2009