31 May, 2011

The "L" Word

We've officially kicked off summer ... got our beach pass and spent the day frolicking in the waves, ate the first ice cream at our beach ice cream place, the little man got his summer 'do, and ... we've got the "L" word - lice.

How is it that I spent a blissful 6 years without having to deal with this? And why don't I remember lice infestations from my childhood?

It seems that my girls' elementary school has had a run-in with the "L" word. At first I thought, it's in the second grade classrooms, my girls won't get it, the third grade is in a completly different hallway and world at school - in fact the one who got the "L" things is on a different floor than the rest of the school (the basement - only two classrooms are there).

So this Memorial Day long-weekend was spent having fun as well as washing EVERYTHING, putting up all the stuffed animals into black garbage bags and storing them in the attic (extra heat), completly blasting what few stuffed animals we are allowing on the beds in the dryer, and going through hair - strand by little strand, trying to get those little buggars out. Then doing it all over again.

Sigh. This is a summer tradition I don't want to start.

26 May, 2011

If you give a moose a basketball ...

Inspired by a conversation with the little man this morning.

If you give a moose a basketball, he'll want to play on the blacktop outside. Then he will fall down and get a boo-boo. Next he'll need to tell the coach. Then the coach will need to put a band-aid on the boo-boo. Then the moose will have to sit out and not play basketball.

"Mommy, I just want to play basketball inside so I don't get a boo-boo."

19 March, 2011

Moon Party

Tonight was a Moon Party. We all went out to the Reservation to see the Super Moon.  Chayton was so excited to take his telescope that he received for Christmas. I'm not so sure that he actually saw anything through it, but the night sky was clear and we all saw the moon.

Do Leprechauns Carry Business Cards?

So do they? Normally on the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, or at least the last three of them, we are visited by a Leprechaun who leaves a little gift. But let me back up a bit …

Way back in kindergarten, we had an amazing teacher. Not only was she smart and respectful, but she was imaginative and fun. When the heat was turned on for the winter (old steam heat radiators) she had the class believe that there was a leprechaun that lived in the heater. That was why there were so many clicks, pings, and bumps coming out of the radiator.

Not only did the class have the sounds of the leprechaun, but they also had the mischievousness of it. When the class would leave for one of their specials (art, music, gym, etc) “the leprechaun” would play pranks: crayons missing from all of the boxes, erasers left in weird places, chairs turned upside down. And of course anything green had a good chance of disappearing – since the leprechaun LOVED green things.

It all led into St. Patrick’s Day, when the class had to devise a “trap” to catch the leprechaun. So these cute kindergartners worked together to come up with a plan to catch him and then executed it. It was a masterful array of boxes, green treats, string, fabric and lots of kid ingenuity. But alas, the leprechaun slipped away … not before leaving a small green treat on everyone’s desk.

Since that time, we have had a leprechaun at home – we also have steam radiators. And the leprechaun takes away some of the scariness of the noises at night for a little mind. Our leprechaun doesn’t cause mischief, but does leave a little “something” for each child to discover when they wake up on St. Paddy’s Day. And of course, he leaves a trail of shamrocks (i.e. shamrock confetti) where he has been.

This year, the oldest of the nine year-olds asked on St. Paddy’s Eve, “What is the leprechaun’s name?” The two girls solved the mystery by leaving notes for the leprechaun that included (amongst cute drawings and other sayings) “What is your name? Leave it here _____________.”

So, for the first time our leprechaun left his business card. And I imagine our kids are going to keep that card forever.
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05 March, 2011

Now this is breakfast

Chocolate Gravy and biscuits ... um hmm good! We just ate this Southern staple for breakfast this morning and the littlest one already started calling us "ya'll."

Love it!

Find the recipe I used here: http://southernlady64.wordpress.com/2011/02/27/chocolate-gravy-and-biscuits/

24 February, 2011

Reason to not do the laundry

Here's the best reason to not do the laundry. Sung to me by my son with accompaniment on his
his guitar:

I love
When you
forget to do
the laundry
Because you forget
And I can sleep
in your bed.

(the clean laundry gets dumped on his bed.)

22 February, 2011

What's Great About Camp

The middle child is telling the youngest what is great about going to camp. She's trying in her way to get him excited. Here's what she thinks is the best part:

1. Lunch. Are you really surprised? There's salad and zitti and sandwiches and brownies and brownies and brownies and brownies.

2. "When someone pees in your (lower camp) pool you will get to swim in our pool." No lie - direct quote.

Never saw the second one coming. Was thinking drama or playground or ropes or arts and crafts; but not pee in the pool.

16 February, 2011

Girls Scout Cookie Time!

It's that time of year again ... cookies! And of course, I'm behind the eight-ball. And have two Brownies wanting to sell cookies at the same time ... on a street with other girl scouts ... I don't remember it being this hard when I was a girl scout.

So, if you want any cookies - add a comment and let me know!

15 February, 2011

Why Your Nose Grows

I just had an interesting bedtime discussion with the four-year old ... Among other things, I learned why your nose grows.

It started out innocently and lovingly enough. I was giving him a "bunny kiss" (that is rubbing noses) when I told him that it was hard to give bunny kisses when he was a baby because his nose was so tiny. But that it was much easier now that he had grown. Cute discussion, cuddly moment - right? This is what he replied:

"When I was little, my nose was too small for my finger. Now it has grown and my finger fits all the way up in it. It's big now."

There you have it. Your nose grows to fit your finger. Not to give better bunny kisses.

27 January, 2011

Random Tub Toys

Lately it seems that everytime I step into the tub for a shower I have to dodge five or six random toys that have been left laying at the bottom of the tub. It seems the four year old likes to have company in the bath.

Here's what I found tonight: Phillips head screwdriver, one tractor, a skillet (plastic), one plate, a hammer, airplane, compass, an old tic tac container, and one large red Lego.

What I'd love to know (besides figuring out how to get someone other than myself to remove those said toys from the empty tub) is what goes through his mind when he so carefully picks out his bathtoys.

Snow Day!

Today was a full snow day for everyone (well at least a partial snow day for Courtney). Both schools were closed, the JCC was closed, and Courtney was able to take a nice long break from work to go sledding. We definitly need to get enough sleds so everyone can go at the same time.

As fun as today was, I am getting a little tired of the snow.