24 February, 2011

Reason to not do the laundry

Here's the best reason to not do the laundry. Sung to me by my son with accompaniment on his
his guitar:

I love
When you
forget to do
the laundry
Because you forget
And I can sleep
in your bed.

(the clean laundry gets dumped on his bed.)

22 February, 2011

What's Great About Camp

The middle child is telling the youngest what is great about going to camp. She's trying in her way to get him excited. Here's what she thinks is the best part:

1. Lunch. Are you really surprised? There's salad and zitti and sandwiches and brownies and brownies and brownies and brownies.

2. "When someone pees in your (lower camp) pool you will get to swim in our pool." No lie - direct quote.

Never saw the second one coming. Was thinking drama or playground or ropes or arts and crafts; but not pee in the pool.

16 February, 2011

Girls Scout Cookie Time!

It's that time of year again ... cookies! And of course, I'm behind the eight-ball. And have two Brownies wanting to sell cookies at the same time ... on a street with other girl scouts ... I don't remember it being this hard when I was a girl scout.

So, if you want any cookies - add a comment and let me know!

15 February, 2011

Why Your Nose Grows

I just had an interesting bedtime discussion with the four-year old ... Among other things, I learned why your nose grows.

It started out innocently and lovingly enough. I was giving him a "bunny kiss" (that is rubbing noses) when I told him that it was hard to give bunny kisses when he was a baby because his nose was so tiny. But that it was much easier now that he had grown. Cute discussion, cuddly moment - right? This is what he replied:

"When I was little, my nose was too small for my finger. Now it has grown and my finger fits all the way up in it. It's big now."

There you have it. Your nose grows to fit your finger. Not to give better bunny kisses.