31 May, 2011

The "L" Word

We've officially kicked off summer ... got our beach pass and spent the day frolicking in the waves, ate the first ice cream at our beach ice cream place, the little man got his summer 'do, and ... we've got the "L" word - lice.

How is it that I spent a blissful 6 years without having to deal with this? And why don't I remember lice infestations from my childhood?

It seems that my girls' elementary school has had a run-in with the "L" word. At first I thought, it's in the second grade classrooms, my girls won't get it, the third grade is in a completly different hallway and world at school - in fact the one who got the "L" things is on a different floor than the rest of the school (the basement - only two classrooms are there).

So this Memorial Day long-weekend was spent having fun as well as washing EVERYTHING, putting up all the stuffed animals into black garbage bags and storing them in the attic (extra heat), completly blasting what few stuffed animals we are allowing on the beds in the dryer, and going through hair - strand by little strand, trying to get those little buggars out. Then doing it all over again.

Sigh. This is a summer tradition I don't want to start.

26 May, 2011

If you give a moose a basketball ...

Inspired by a conversation with the little man this morning.

If you give a moose a basketball, he'll want to play on the blacktop outside. Then he will fall down and get a boo-boo. Next he'll need to tell the coach. Then the coach will need to put a band-aid on the boo-boo. Then the moose will have to sit out and not play basketball.

"Mommy, I just want to play basketball inside so I don't get a boo-boo."