30 January, 2013

Into Another Storm

We sure seem to have good timing. And I mean it. There's a huge storm hitting the South East today - but we have been in the right spot at the right time (so far).

Right now we are taking a break in Chattanooga at a Courtyard by Marriott (thank you Marriott for the wifi and place to eat lunch out of the storm). Or plans are to make it to Roanoke,VA this evening and then onto West Orange, NJ by tomorrow night.

Keep your fingers crossed and send a good thought or two up into the universe for us (because I hope I didn't just jinx our road trip up to NJ).

25 January, 2013

Almost to Rome (Georgia, that is)

We made it out this morning before the weather hit Roanoke. Which was good, because all the schools in Roanoke were posting their early closing times due to the incoming storm.

A good thing about driving in a snowstorm is that most drivers are off the road - no traffic! However, it does make the going a little slow. Just a little bit ...

Now a stop right outside of Knoxville for lunch and then it's back on the road to Rome.

24 January, 2013

On The Road ... Sorta

Traveling day!

We finally fit everything we own into the 20 foot U-Haul; had a donation pick-up from VVA of all the things that didn't; gave away all the yummy food that was left in the fridge; then took off.

And we got to Panera at Essex Green (about five minutes from the house).

It seems that the U-Haul has a flat tire. So we are waiting in Panera for roadside assistance - warm, eating a bagel and finally getting a cup of coffee.

23 January, 2013

Ouch! That Hurt.

Boy, that one was a doosie.

We had one more inoculation left before we set off on our adventure - a typhoid shot. Of course it couldn't be done with our regular family doctor - I had to find an infectious disease doctor. Sound ominous, doesn't it. Thank goodness she wasn't.

I have to say I lucked into finding a wonderful doctor! She was great - had printed out maps of the places we are going to, really looked into all the things that we would need to know, and was very nice about it all.

Which that included dealing with three nervous kids (one of them a protestor of the highest degree). But the doctor was patient, and Kaija only screamed when she said "I'm going to scream now." We did have a few, "No thank yous," "Wait, I need to tell you something," and "NO, I DON'T WANT IT!" But not that bad, considering past episodes. The doctor got the shot into her in less than ten minutes.

Nazeriah sat stoically and made it without a whimper and Chayton only made a little bit of noise. All in all - not bad for the kids!

But can I say - that sucker HURT. And still does. So the next time you see me, please do not touch my arm.

(In case you are wondering, Kaija has decided that she doesn't want to go to Africa now. Because she'd need another shot ...)

18 January, 2013

Beginning of the Adventure

Whew. It's been an interesting day today.

Today is my last day as the marketing director of JCC MetroWest.

I started here in April 2000 without any children, without a house and without any gray hair. I leave with 1 house, 3 children, and many gray hairs later ...

It has been a fun, exhilarating, frustrating, challenging, wonderful ride. I have met so many great people (who I hope will stay in my life for years to come). I have learned so much, oh so much! None the least of them the joys and benefits of staying in one place for longer than a few years.

Thank you!

16 January, 2013

Cari Has a New Home!

Cari with the Allen Kids and the Tantes
I am so happy to report that we have found a place for Cari! And it's with our favorite Tantes. Can this get any better?

Thanks to everyone who reached out to help find her a new home. I finally realized just how hard of a job all the shelter staff have. And they do it everyday. 

It was emotional enough with just one cat, I can't imagine the heartache, happiness and stress that goes with trying to place every animal in a shelter.

With Cari safely in the arms of her new loves, I can now start to really focus on a few other things. It seems that this list keeps getting longer every day. But that will be another post ...

Thank you, Tantes! We love you!