16 February, 2013

Communication Switch-Off

Tonight is our last night in Play del Coco. Boo! But that means we will be on our way to El Secret Garden, Cabuya in the morning. Yea!

What it also means is that we won't have wifi until (hopefully) tomorrow night. And our cellular will still be turned off.

It has been an interesting experiment not having the connectivity that our iPhones usually bring Courtney and I. For most of the time now they are just cameras - until we hit wifi, then who-hoo! And since we brought our wireless router with us, we were able to really connect the condo.

But not feeling the need to check your email, text, Facebook, CNN/WNYC every ten minutes or so is quite a nice thing. It's a reminder that there are some thing in life that we NEED and some things that are just nice and a symbol of our "prosperity."

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