08 February, 2013

Fun in the Sun - Costa Rica

As most of you know, we've arrived at Costa Rica! Playa del Coco to be exact.

What a great place to decompress and get into the mindframe of our adventure. It's a little weird to not define yourself by the busy-ness of things, but only by the person you want to be.

Our days are pretty simple right now - eat, sleep, eat, play, eat, with a little schooling thrown in.

Courtney sends the kids a Daily Challenge that they must follow through on to earn points for their House. Each child is working on creating their own "House" like in Harry Potter. We're researching names and symbols - next they will get to write a paragraph or two (or in the case of the little guy a sentence or two) about the meaning of their house name.

But pretty much we just go with the flow. What a concept.

Scrumptious swimmers - looking down from our balcony.
One of our many breaks for eating, this time out on our balcony.

The leftside view from our balcony.

Peaking in at Courtney doing dishes.

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