05 February, 2013

Catching Up On The Last Good-byes

As exciting as getting ready for this trip is ... we are sad about the wonderful friends and found family that we are leaving. But I hope everyone knows that they will always be in our heart no matter where we go!

There are so many of you to think about and thank for everything you have done these past 15 years. Here are just a few!

The Vurals. There isn't a way that I can find the words for this ... we started out as just four when we gathered - now we are at least ten, but can be eleven, twelve, thirteen or more (and that's not counting the guinea pig).

The Math-a-ma-tistas:
Kaija, Ilayda, and Nazeriah

The Amigos:
Okan and Chayton

Charlie and Judy. You were the entry way into our spiritual family! With you and the rest of our UU family, we felt that we could dream anything - and look where that lead us. Plus given the fact that you have three amazing children and have lived to tell about it always reminded us that we can make it through, too.

The Tantes (Jeri and Sabine). All I can say is that we Love you guys! How many nights while Courtney was traveling did you show up at my doorstep with a full dinner AND cleaned up, helped with homework, entertained the kids. And that is only beginning - I don't think I have enough space to put down all the words. Thank you

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