23 March, 2013

Sydney (and Blue Mountains) in Review

I can't believe that I have a whole continent to catch-up on! But before I can tell you about Auckland ....

We arrived in Sydney early in the morning on Thu, Mar 22. Chayton and I made it until 2pm before we passed out and pretty much slept through until Friday morning. The girls and Courtney tried to stay up - but it only seemed to catch up with them later.

Sydney is an amazing city. We stayed at the Central Sydney YHA that is right next to the Central Sydney Train Station. It was comfy, clean and everyone was very friendly. That also sums up the city, too. It's busy, but still clean and friendly feeling.

Our hostel was within walking distance of Darling Harbour and a great playground/watermark. This is where Chayton decided to go take a swim in one of the fountains. He recovered pretty quickly - and dried pretty fast, too.

The next day we headed over to Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and Royal Botanic Gardens; where we had a lovely tour of the New South Wales Governor's House.

Our next stop was heading to the Blue Mountains and we stayed a a cute little YHA - super friendly people.

At the Blue Mountains we took in the sights around the Three Sisters and the Rainforest - we hiked, climbed stairs, rode a sky tram and a sky trolley, as well as saw Katoomba Falls and an old coal mine in the rainforest.

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