16 April, 2013

Fox Glacier (14 Apr-15 Apr)

After leaving Lake Mahinapua we drove down past Franz Joseph Glacier onto Fox Glacier.

That night Chayton made some friends and played outside for a few hours before it was dark/dinner time. Again it was a combination of "Narnia/Power Rangers/Knights." But what was even better than last time (besides the four new friends he made) was that there were woods and a stream that they could go hiding/tramping in. The only reason he came into dinner so easily was because his friends had to go in to eat, too. He kept one eye out the window, tho, making sure that if he saw his friends he could bust out of the campervan.

The next morning (after Chayton said good-bye to his friends as they were leaving - he and Courtney had to go find them so he could say bye; he was very determined to see them again), we headed over to Fox Glacier - about 15 minutes from our camp spot.

We parked in the carpark (bathroom break - we do many of these) and after about 30 minutes we could view the terminal (bottom area) of the glacier. It was amazing!

Fox Glacier is the longest of New Zealand's West Coast glaciers (at 13kms) and it is over 3,000 meters or 10,000 feet high. And what is really cool - is that it is in a rainforest. How weird is that? A mammoth ice berg in a rainforest?

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